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Apr 21, 2020 - 2 minute read - Benefits

The Waterproofing membrane was specifically designed for Green roof applications

The EnviroTech roof system was developed to provide one of the lightest, easiest to install, economical and most efficient Green roofs on the market. The Waterproofing membrane was specifically designed for Green roof applications.

It has passed the demanding European FLL test standards for root resistance in Green roof applications. The Famogreen RET system is the only system in the world that allows attachment of all the various components including plants, growing medium, etc., to the building structure. The membrane itself torches down to the deck and is designed to encourage the plantings to send down roots, in search of moisture in the gell packs, through a reinforcing scrim heat sealed to the membrane. Once matured the entire roof assembly is solidly attached to the building providing the maximum protection from wind blow off. This system utilizes the basic natural approach of growing plants and incorporates the latest is technological developments in roofing membrane design and manufacture.

An optional component that adds additional technology to the EnviroTech Roof System is the use of an electronic moisture intrusion detection (MID) system. This easy to install electronic monitoring system provides 24 hour a day, 7 days a week security against moisture intrusion into your building. If a failure should ever occur, the system will immediately notify you of the failure by on site alarm, internet email or telephone page. Early detection of a leak will allow for immediate correction of a minor problem before it becomes a major and expensive problem.